Meet Jodi

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Jodi Medell, Transformational Coach

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a certified Deep Transformational Coach, I am here to support your transformation into a life of passion, purpose, and power. 

I offer deep transformational coaching through a spectrum of wellness modalities and I'm here to hold a space of healing and spiritual evolution for you.

My Journey

I’ve been on my spiritual path since my 20s... I was raised Christian (attending Lutheran school from K-12th grade) but was confused by much of what I was taught, what I saw, and what I felt. They weren’t in alignment and many times made no sense to my being. My explorations outside of Christianity started slowly. I believed in God, but no longer believed there was a heaven and hell or that our “sins” could be held against us, or that we needed someone to intervene for us. I was so fearful of going to hell for questioning that it took many years just for me to get over my fear of being damned for feeling like I was disobeying what I was supposed to be holding as my core belief system. 

During my search for discovering what spirituality really meant for me, I studied “A Course in Miracles,” Psychic Development, “A Course in Mastering Alchemy” and “Deep Coaching Intensive” through the Center for Transformational Coaching. I also read many books by a number of spiritual gurus like Don Miguel Ruiz, Eckhert Tolle, and Mooji. It took all of this as well as my move from Santa Fe, NM to Crested Butte, CO, to finally bring on my own soulful transformation. I will continue to grow and transform as I live on planet earth and maintain a human existence, but I believe I have passed through the major shift that allows me to be fully present in my being.


My transformational journey has been quite challenging, scary at times, and lonely. It was through studying Transformational Coaching through this journey, that I felt my hand was held and I gained the confidence and knowingness that I would make it through and see the other side of it.


These days, I follow a daily meditation practice and find it very centering and healing; it allows me to connect to the collective whole to create the platform for a unified and balanced life. Every morning I get up before the crack of dawn and take my daily run with my dog, Solo. I love functional movement workouts, mountain biking, skiing, and paddleboarding; and hold many other interests that mostly revolve around being with my son, Evan, and with nature. As Evan gets older, I'm looking forward to sharing world travel with him. Through the encouragement of my son, I recently took up dirt biking and motorcycle riding. I've wanted a motorcycle since 1997 and finally got one this year. AND... I love it!

Additionally, I am the founder & owner of Integration Therapy, a Healing Collective. To learn more about my physical therapy work, visit integrationpt.com.

Loving Words from Clients

“Working with Jodi feels like an inspiring conversation in a coffee shop with your good friend; you’re both fully present, you’re both joyfully a part of the conversation, and you both leave grateful for the time and wisdom shared together. I always look forward to my time with Jodi because I know I’ll leave feeling brighter and stronger than when I entered.
Jodi knows the journey and the struggles because she is right there alongside you in it." -Mackenzie S.