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My Coaching Philosophy

With every session, I offer you my authentic and honest self. As your coach, I am here to support you as we live out the journey together

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My Approach

My coaching style is determined by your needs and goals.

Through my certifications, I offer multiple modalities for healing and support along the difficult path of transformation.

In all of my sessions, I offer:

  • Professional treatment

  • Discovery of your values & needs

  • Guided practices to see you through your spiritual growth

  • Time for stillness and peace

  • Space for Spirit to guide the process

  • Tools to help you lead your life from the level of the soul

  • Honesty and integrity

  • Multiple healing techniques for mind and body

  • Transactional and Transformational Coaching

If you are looking for support in the process of transformation and need nurturing guidance, I am here for you.

Let's begin the journey, together.

What I offer:

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Coaching Sessions

 I offer a healing space and supportive tools for you through your transformation journey. As a coach, I facilitate hour-long sessions for your personal growth and spiritual development.

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Community Healing

Join me as we take the journey of personal healing into collective growth. As a community, we will learn and heal together in consciousness and in love.

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In 2022 I received my credentials as a certified deep transformation coach through the Center for Transformation Coaching. Their approach is, "grounded in practical psychology, spiritual wisdom, and consciousness studies".  To learn more about the Center, visit their website:

Let's Talk!
Book your free coaching consultation call to learn more about how I can support you on your healing journey or transformation!

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Free Consultation Call

Schedule a free consultation call with Jodi.

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Book a 1:1 Coaching Session

Schedule a 1:1 coaching session with Jodi .

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