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The Continuum

Transformational Coaching uses the concept of Dual Dynamics of Transformation to support one’s journey through their own spiritual transformation. Dual Dynamics (I am just going to introduce the basic premise of it right now) states that during transformation, there is a shift from operating from the ego to the true self. The ego is comprised of our personal gravity, or anything that holds us back. Much of that is based in limiting belief systems. The true self is made up of our soul with spiritual guidance – our connection to the whole. It is what moves us forward through a propulsion system that incorporates spiritual energy, light, positive inner attitudes, and healthy environments. There are many more details to this dynamic, but I’m sharing what I hope is enough information to set the stage for understanding the meditation I experienced this morning. It was quite powerful.

During my meditation this morning, I set my heart up as a cocoon. Within my heart was love represented by the pink diamond. Surrounding me were Jesus and Mary Magdalene. They were supporting me in holding the space for love. While in this space, I could feel the continuum of the Dual Dynamics of Transformation. There was a black vacuum created by my personal gravity, then there was this expansiveness of light in the other direction. All my old tapes of self-doubt, limiting thoughts, and self-destructive behaviors played out in front of the black vacuum. Then I felt Jesus and Mary surround me and hold me in a space of light with the pink diamond in the middle of us. I could feel myself being pulled between both worlds. I cried at the absolute dichotomy of the ego versus the soul as I engaged in the experience. As traumatic as the ego’s impact has on my life, it’s hold is magnetic as it is what I have known my life to be. The pull of the light into a new way of being that is truly soul based is the love I’ve been searching for, but also the unknown. I could feel myself at the end of the meditation start to melt into the light. It wasn’t complete, but it was a huge transformational step for me.

I feel like my study of Transformational Coaching is really helping me see how very important it is to truly honor the decision to move forward with transformation. It really seems much easier to dabble in it yet remain within the comfort zone of the physical world I’m used to, even when it doesn’t support my soul. This is huge for me as it seems to be getting much clearer where I am at, and what I need to do.

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