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Your Divine Purpose is YOU

I can’t quite remember where I read or heard this, but it was stated that YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE IS YOU!

When I first came across this concept, it struck me as being circular and not really answering my question. I was longing to know how you find your divine purpose in this lifetime. I’ve been on my soul search for many years and have yet to really get to the depth of answering that question for myself. I’ve done many things I’m passionate about, and also many that I haven’t been quite onboard for. These experiences may have shown me what I enjoy doing and what I really don’t like doing at all, and maybe in some ways have led me in the direction of a purpose. In other words, if I follow the idea of doing what I like and not doing what I don’t like, they have given me direction. But, I still feel like I’m stumbling along as nothing really feels like it’s my divine purpose.

When I revisited and meditated on the statement, “Your Divine Purpose is YOU” I received a little more insight. Being on planet earth is really about finding out who you are in this physical being. We are these amazing soul beings that get to experience being in human form. Our Divine Purpose is just that! We get to play between the formless (soul) and the form (our physical being) and figure out what makes us unique. We get to float between the layers of chaos, flow and stillness and with awareness, feel how we shift between those states and what that does in our being. Our Divine Purpose is not an end destination. It’s a presence. It’s being the best you YOU can be in this very moment. It’s showing up as your authentic self, no matter what it is you are doing. This is how you let your light shine and make those soul connections.

My ego got in the way again when I was trying to discover my Divine Purpose. It wanted a specific answer. It wanted to have a trajectory that I could follow to ensure I was on target for the outcome I was after. It wanted to place me in the past (where I had come from) and project me into the future (my end goal) so that I could account for all my efforts. It wanted to encapsulate something to show that I had found my purpose. In doing so, it created a sense of separation from me and all that is. The quest didn’t allow me to be present, right here and now, and honor what is this very moment. It was still chasing after some dream.

What we have is this very moment. The past is gone and the future cannot be without experiencing the here and now. Our Divine Purpose is to show up for this very second, so we can be our most present, authentic being and connect with oneness of all that is.

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